Red Barn Countryside – An Original Landscape Painting

  • Red barn countryside painting

    “Red Barn Countryside”: Click this image for purchasing information

    One of my favorite things about living in my new house is the view of gorgeous Sawnee Mountain from my back deck. Now that Autumn is in full swing, all of the trees are turning hues of gold, orange and fire red that are just simply stunning. Matter of fact, this whole area of Cumming, Georgia has a quiet beauty about it. Even though it’s just 45 minutes north of Atlanta, I would consider Cumming mostly rural with sprawling pastures, horses, and a friendly, small town feel. It shouldn’t be a surprise that lately, I’ve been inspired to do paintings of the countryside.

    “Red Barn Countryside” was really fun to paint. It may seem strange but my favorite part of this whole piece is the shape of the canvas. It measures 24 x 8 so it reminded me of a panoramic photo – perfect for a landscape painting. I also love the way the barn turned out…oh, and the little red pick-up truck.

    Title: Red Barn Countryside
    Medium: Acrylic on canvas
    Size: 24 x 8
    Price: $165 – Buy now from my Etsy Shop

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