Weathered – An Original Boat Painting

boat painting "weathered"

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Sometimes life is smooth sailing…and other times it’s a freakin’ tsunami. I can say with confidence that the last half of my summer was no joy ride. I started this painting at the beginning of my summer but, due to some personal issues, I wasn’t able to finish this bad boy until just a few weeks ago. It’s very difficult to channel my creative spirit when I’m full of stress and anxiety.

I mentioned in an earlier post that my husband and I sold our house in early July. That, my friends, was the easiest part. Trying to find a house to buy proved to be a completely different story. Around this same time, I found out some troubling news affecting very close family members. And when one part of the family suffers it of course affects the entire family. In order to respect their privacy I will not go into those issues in any detail. However, I will say that my life felt like one never ending episode of House Hunters, Jerry Springer, and Judge Judy all wrapped into one. That could make an interesting TV show but I don’t recommend the real deal.

The one thing that got me through all of this was my faith in God. I’m definitely not one to push my Christianity on anyone and I respect others with differing religious views. But at this point, I do feel that it’s appropriate to give thanks to the one who held my hand through all of this. The power of prayer is amazing – just too many coincidences happened for me to think that it could be anything else. God answered each and every one of them in the most perfect way possible. Just like the famous “Footprints in the Sand” poem, I know without a doubt He carried me through the tough times.

This painting took on a personal meaning for me as I worked on it here and there when I was able to muster motivation. I decided to name this “Weathered” since I was able to weather the storm and came out on the other side even stronger than before. I’m happy to report that my family members are doing much better now. I’m also excited to say that (after three different offers!) we are all settled into our awesome new house. Amen for that!

Title: Weathered
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 16×20
Price: $195 – Buy now from my Etsy shop!


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