The Test of Time

The Test of Time-lrI love painting old barns. I’m sure this is obvious if you flip through some of my blog posts. Even now as new subdivisions and retail developments are springing up around my once rural town, these buildings are even more beautiful to me since their weathered wood and rusted roofs represent a past that I hope we don’t forget. I wonder what stories they would tell!

The idea to paint an old barn in a new way was very intriguing to me. As you know, I’ve been working more in an impasto style over the past year so I thought this would be a neat way to blend the colors to create the texture of the wood, clouds and grass. I also wanted a harmonious feel to the paintings so I used the same colors across all three elements as the light, shadow and to create contrast. The final product turned out even better than it did in my head – which rarely happens! So here you have “The Test of Time”, my new (old) barn painting. I hope to do a few more like these since I truly love this effect!

Title: The Test of Time
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 18 x 24
Price: $245 – Click here for more info


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