Sailing After the Sun: Original Sailboat Paintings

Recently, I’ve been getting lots of great feedback on my boat paintings. Most of these pieces have been on the larger side so I thought I would try a couple of smaller ones. These two companion pieces, “Sailing After the Sun 1” and “Sailing After the Sun 2” both measure 12 x 12 and bring a nice pop of color for their compact size. I applied thickened layers of acrylic paints with palette knives to create unique blends of color for the sunset and the water.

I especially love the texture this method creates! I finished both pieces with a high gloss varnish that further highlights the texture. These pieces would look great on their own or side-by-side to create a diptych.

I hope create a series of these 12 x 12 sailboat paintings showing different sunsets and color schemes. Stay tuned!

Sailing After the Sun 2

Click the image for more info.

Click the image for more information

Click the image for more information


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