Recent Commissions: “Flamenco Dancing” and “Another Duet”

I wanted to share a couple of commission pieces that I completed over the past few weeks. And it turns out that both of these pieces are actually paintings that I that I have done previously but reworked to meet my clients’ specific needs.

Dancing Flamenco Painting

“Flamenco Dancing”

The first up is “Flamenco” Dancing” which was done for a new salon in Sandy Springs, GA. The salon is set-up as a series of individual studios that each hairdresser (or pair of hairdressers) run as their own independent business. This particular duo of hairdressers had chosen beautiful peacock colors as the main theme of their studio with jewel toned greens and blues. They loved my first “Flamenco Dancing” painting but wanted to change up the color scheme and make it larger to fit the wall space. I collaborated with them through out the entire process – what you see here is the final result! They were so excited to get this and I can’t wait to see how it looks in their salon!

Title: “Flamenco Dancing”
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 18×24

The second commission that I want to share is titled “Another Duet”. This painting came about from my hummingbird

"Another Duet"

“Another Duet”

series that I did last month. My client loved the original “Duet” but needed a painting that was big enough to fill the space above her living room fireplace. I happily recreated “Duet” on a larger 36×24 canvas. And because her fireplace was brick, I made sure to incorporate some of the brick tones into the male bird and background so it all worked together.

Title: “Another Duet”
Medium: Acrylic on canvas


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