“Enchanted Waters”

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Click image for more info

As you may know, I participated in the January 30 in 30 challenge this past month, with the goal being to paint 30 paintings in 30 days. Well, I fell WAY short of the goal however I did complete more paintings in a month’s time than I ever have before. One of the cool things about forcing yourself to paint (after long days at the real job), is that you make some cool discoveries and happy accidents during the process.

One of these happy accidents is my new painting “Enchanted Waters”, my first official abstract painting. I’ve never really done abstracts before, mostly because every one I’ve ever attempted turned out like my two year old nephew did it. “Enchanted Waters” actually started as a background for another painting I had in mind. After I painted it in, I let it sit on my easel for a couple of days and I just couldn’t bring myself to paint my subject on top of it. That’s when I knew I had something special. I hope to paint a few more abstracts in this same vein to complete a series. Stay tuned!


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