Hydrangea Paintings

One of my favorite subjects to paint are hydrangeas. I just love how “fluffy” and full they are. They always look beautiful right by themselves or perfectly compliment other flowers in a bouquet. And I can also paint them relatively quickly – which is great for the #jan30in30 challenge that I’m participating in this month.

Blue Hydrangea painting

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My first hydrangea painting is titled “Beautiful in Blue” and it’s BIG! I created a bright yellow and gray distressed background and put a tall cylinder bouquet of blue hydrangeas just off center of the 24×36 canvas. And what makes this piece just a little more special is that I took the reference photo with the new camera that my husband gave me for Christmas. This painting is actually hanging in my living room at the moment and it looks really great. So, if no one buys it then I’m happy to keep it for myself.

Title: Beautiful in Blue
Medium: Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
Size: 24X36
Price: $285 Click here for purchasing info

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Click image for purchasing info.

This second painting, “Sittin’ Pretty”, came mostly from my imagination. I had already painted the abstract background at the same time as when I worked on my recent horse paintings. I originally thought of doing a barn but erased that sketch and went with the white hydrangeas and yellow vase you see here. I figured the white flowers would be a nice balance for the colorful palette knife background.

Title: Sitting Pretty
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 11×14 (unframed)
Price: $85 Click here for purchasing info

hydrangea painting

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My third hydrangea painting is another blue bouquet. I think blue must be my favorite color! This one titled “Thinking of You” uses the same “distressed” type of background as my first painting in the series except this time I used a very pale blue background over the gray. I also hand stretched the canvas for this piece which gives it more of a crafted look.
Title: Thinking of You
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 18×24
Price: Sold


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