Seaside Stroll – An original figurative painting

figure painting seaside stroll

“Seaside Stroll”, original acrylic on 8×10 canvas

This latest installment in my vintage frame collection is a new favorite of mine (but what painting isn’t my favorite?). I just really love the natural/pastel color palette of “Seaside Stroll”. The colors compliment the peaceful feeling of walking on the beach – not to mention the beautiful teal blue vintage frame. There is no doubt, this frame was meant for this painting!

I recently went back to the antique shop where I bought my frames and ran into the lady who had them for sale. She was very friendly and promised to keep in touch when she comes across more of these incredible frames. Take a look below to get a better look at the frame for “Seaside Stroll”. This piece is for sale and includes the frame!

Title: Seaside Stroll
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 8×10
Price: $125.00 – Buy now from my Etsy shop!







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