“Southern Trio” – Original Floral Palette Knife Painting

flower hydrangea and rose painting

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“Southern Trio” is my latest painting inspired by my recent purchase of several vintage frames. Not to brag or anything but this piece is just stunning in person. I’m actually not all the way sure that I want to sell it! But if I want to make a profit as an artist, I guess I’ll have to make the tough decisions to let these pieces go 🙂

The scary thing is that I almost didn’t buy this frame! I absolutely loved it in the store but it was an odd size (20×8) so I wasn’t sure how I would find a canvas to fit. But I knew I had to have it and I would find a way. After a visit to Dick Blick, I bought materials to hand-stretch my own custom canvas – problem solved!

The frame itself has a really cool carving around the edge, almost giving it a texture. With this in mind, I knew a heavy textured palette knife painting would be perfect. The shape of the canvas gave way to sort of a landscape feel so I thought the arrangement of the three bouquets of hydrangea and roses (classic Southern flowers) would be a great way to fill the space. It was just all meant to be! Below are a couple of details shots – let me know what you think!

Title: “Southern Trio”
Medium: Acrylic on canvas in vintage frame
Size: 20×8
Price: $145 – SOLD

Southern Trio in vintage frame

“Southern Trio” in vintage frame

Close-up of

Close-up of “Southern Trio” in vintage frame


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