Blue Boat – An Original Acrylic Painting

Blue Boat Acrylic Painting

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I mentioned in my previous post a few weeks ago that I had found a vintage frame at a local antique shop. Well, I went back there again and hit the mother lode! Okay, maybe not exactly the mother lode…but I bought five beautiful frames. I actually had two different ladies stop me in the store, and in not so many words ask, “So what’s your deal with all the frames?”

These frames have actually inspired me to create paintings specifically for each one. This painting that I’ve titled “Blue Boat”, was inspired by the rustic, distressed frame that I found that day. You can tell that it’s old, although I’m not sure of its exact age or back story. However, I just feel that THIS frame was meant to have THIS painting. I just love the different colors that come through in the wood and the painting really brings these out. Below are a couple of photos that show the frame – but these pictures just don’t do it justice! The true colors just can’t come through on the computer.

Let me know what you think! I’ll post the remaining paintings in the coming days. Be sure to follow the blog (if you already haven’t) so you can see the rest!



Title: “Blue Boat”
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 16×20
Price: Sold!


What do you think?

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