Damn Good Dawg

UGA bulldog mascot painting

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Well, it seems that I’ve been on a UGA kick lately. After painting “The Arch”, I moved on to paint another highly symbolic icon of the University of Georgia.  Uga (pronounced Uh-guh) is the beloved bulldog mascot of the University and is probably one of the most well known living college mascots in the country. The line of solid white, English bulldogs owned by the Seiler family of Savannah have proudly served on the sidelines of  UGA football games since 1956. With a total of 9 dogs to serve, you can imagine there has been an interesting history established over the years.

I started this painting as a portrait of the current mascot UGA IX (aka “Russ”). However, after I got into it a bit, I decided that I wanted this painting to represent all of the bulldogs. And besides, I already have a painted portrait of UGA IX in my office that I completed this past fall. So I decided to make this is my tribute to all 9 of the Ugas who have each been a “Damn Good Dawg” in their own way.

Title: “Damn Good Dawg”
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 16 x 20
Original Price: Sold!
Prints and greeting cards – Buy now from my Fine Arts America site!


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