Simms Lake Goose

Painting - Simms Lake Goose

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Simms Lake is a park near my house where I like to go walk/jog and think about life. The 1.2 mile path around the lake is scenic and usually bustling with nature – I’ve seen deer, bunny rabbits, and birds among many other things. But my favorite part of the path is the portion that runs right in front of the lake where all of the geese line up to get their bits of bread from the little kids. It’s quite humorous to see them all scramble around as soon as they see someone walk up…with some even paddling over from clear across the lake! Last week I finaly remembered to take my camera with me and snap a few photos of the geese – and here you have the result!

Title: Simms Lake Goose
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 12 X 12
Original: $175 – Buy Now from my Etsy Shop!
Prints and greeting cards: Buy now from my Fine Arts America shop


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