“Uncorked” and “Pour”

Wine painting "Uncorked"

“Uncork” – Click to enlarge

If you’ve read a few of my other posts thus far, you’ve come to realize that I’ve made no secret that I love wine. And now that the holiday season is upon us, it seems that wine is the favorite drink of choice for all of the Christmas parties and various celebrations going on. I definitely associate the feeling of joy with a glass of wine which led me to think about the anticipation and the “ceremony” that happens before opening up a bottle.

This set of paintings show first the uncorking of the bottle and that magic moment of when your wine hits the glass. I liked the idea of doing the same abstract, vibrant background for both paintings to give a celebratory/party mood. I used the same technique as you may have seen with “Brewster the Rooster” and “Myrtle’s Peacock” where I used a palette knife to get the textured effect but then used detailed brushstrokes to get a more realistic look for the wine, bottle, etc. These are the first two pieces I’ve completed with this much realism and I have to admit that I love they way they turned out!

Title: Uncork
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 8×10
Price: $195 – SOLD!
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Wine painting "Pour"

“Pour” – Click to enlarge

Title: Pour
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 8×10
Price: $195 –  SOLD!
Buy prints and greeting cards from Fine Art America!


3 thoughts on ““Uncorked” and “Pour”

  1. That texture you get is amazing. I also love how you got the pouring wine and the drip. That must have been really hard and I didn’t even think about it at first because it looked so natural. Well done.

    • Thanks so much! Yes, it was definitely a challenge but I think it paid off. It’s funny because you don’t think of a liquid as having dark spots but adding in the black gave it that extra dimension. The background was done impasto with a palette knife to get the texture and the blend. Thanks again for checking out my post!

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